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Welcome to Wildlife Bioacoustics Analytics

Bioacoustics is a scientific field that advances our knowledge of the health of ecosystems and the lives of animals. Thanks to bioacoustic monitoring, conservationists are getting closer to understanding the sound rhythms of habitats to best protect endangered species and minimize the impact of anthropogenic sounds on habitats, and behavioural ecologists are getting closer to understanding how animals communicate.

Wildlife Bioacoustics Analytics is a Canadian company created in 2022 by Ines Moran. She received a M.Sc. in bioacoustics from the University of Windsor, Canada in 2017, and a Ph.D. in bioacoustics from the University of Auckland, New Zealand in 2022. Since 2015, Ines has processed bioacoustic data using programming languages like R and has gained a deeper understanding of the complex bioacoustic workflow that is required to analyze bioacoustic data. She developed complex computational techniques to extract, detect, count, and measure sound from audio recordings. Through Wildlife Bioacoustics Analytics, she provides analytic services, writes reports on methods used to extract meaningful data, and shares impactful results with her clients and readers.

Ines enjoys helping her clients and peers to solve problems related to animal communication, conservation, fire detection, bioacoustic art projects, and much more. Feel free to contact her to solve some of the complex bioacoustic problems your team has to solve. 


Ines Moran

Wildlife Bioacoustics Analytics


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Analyzing the data

Photo credit: Ines Moran 2017


Photo credit: Katie McGuire 2017

Image by Florian Olivo
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